About Us
CARDS is conceptualized by like-minded professional from different segments of the society who have pledged for the upliftment and empowerment of tribal and rural society particularly for the socially and economically vulnerable. It takes up various need based and context specific activities for the economic, social, cultural, educational and environmental development.
CARDS was formally inducted on 5th of June 1996, on Environmental day. Since CARDS is committed ‘To build a just and equitable society, where all sections of the society enjoy a secure present and future, with special focus on the improved quality of life, livelihood pattern and poverty reduction’. Seeing our efforts many renowned organization have joined hands with us to social, economic and political mainstreaming of the marginalized, disempowered section; through awareness, knowledge sharing and generating sustainable employment opportunities, and the most prominent names among this is NABARD, with whom we have built a relationship which can be counted as family, the feeling of which makes us feel honored in many ways.