Self Help Grpoup (SHG)
Self Help Grpoup (SHG) : Capacity building and strengthening of woman SHG with assistance from World Vision (India) in the block Rajnandgaon, Rajnandgaon dist. CARDS is covering 6 backward villages of Surgi, Mohba, Bhuchibharda, Basula, Mudpar, Parrikhurd, and imparting their skill based training for income generation like agarbatti (insect sticks) making, Papad Badi, Achar (Pickle), Stitching & embroidery, EAC (Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp) for better understanding of entrepreneurial skills, forward and backward linkages.
Labour education programme with assistance from central based for workers education, Nagpur for imparting legal awareness, entrepreneurship awareness of finding solutions for their problems. Programme executed in the village of Utai, Bhilai, Durg Distt. Bass line survey conducted in the area Mainpur block of Raipur distt. It covered 24 villages under total sanitation campaign for the Dept. of Public Health Engineering, Govt. of Chhattisgarh.