Community Health
Community Health : The goal is to improve the health status of the rural families through promotion of safe drinking water, hygiene and sanitation facilities, recycling of wastes, nutritious diet, immunization, mother and child health care, family welfare and health education. Preventive care and first level curative care are ensured through research, motivation and training of traditional midwives, local field functionaries and health guides. The use of traditional health practices, with home grown herbs is also being popularized.
As an F-NGO of M-NGO under NRHM for implementing the RCH – II at unnerved and underserved area of Charama block, Kanker Dist. CARDS is covering 2 tribal health sub centre and 6 tribal villages, with intervention of modern medical facility, IMR, MMR, RTI, STI rate and promotion of ANC, institutional facility for tribal women and complete immunization for children.
As implementing agency for community based monitaring (CBM) under NRHM started on pilot basis in the state of Chhattisgarh in Kabirdham Distt. The project covers 75 villages with 15 sub centre and 3 PHC (Primary Health Centre). It involves capacity building of community people.