Our Scientists and researchers are constantly carrying out technical research in our laboratory and anthropological researches are being carried out in the areas of our geographical presence.
  • Baseline Survey for Sampurna Swakshata Abhiyan (SSA): Conducted the base line survey for Mainpur block of Raipur Dist.
  • Needs assessment of persons with disability with TISS in Latur district, Vidharba region and Chhattisgarh with specific reference to health, educational, vocational and social life groups needs, across different types of disability and across gender, class and tribe/caste.
  • Baseline survey of Tejaswani programme in Madhya Pradesh in support with AFC, in 6 districts, 3450 households covering each and every issue related to life skills.
  • Survey of Children in C.G. & collection of DISE Data in DCF from schools of C.G. as a partner of Maa Ambica Association (AAA) with guidance of MIT Pune (main partner of CG govt.).
SSEG has been designed to provide long-term and sustained employment. This is a unique and most innovative scheme ever evolved for self-employment of graduates/post-graduates in the field of socio-economic/market research & development