The goal is to improve the health status of the rural families through promotion of safe drinking water, hygiene and sanitation facilities, recycling of wastes, nutritious diet, immunization, mother and child health care, family welfare and health education. Preventive care and first level curative care are ensured through research, motivation and training of traditional midwives, local field functionaries and health guides. The use of traditional health practices, with home grown herbs is also being popularized. CARDS is covering 2 tribal health sub centre and 6 tribal villages, with intervention of modern medical facility, IMR, MMR, RTI, STI rate and promotion of ANC, institutional facility for tribal women and complete immunization for children Apart from the above mentioned, CARDS on its own resources has always put its efforts for the betterment of the health scenario in the state, we always organize health camps as a part of our services in all our ongoing projects. Following are the activities undertaking for the improvement of Health status;
Community Based Monitoring project under National Rural Health Mission (NHRM): Community-based Monitoring of health services is a key strategy of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) to ensure that the services reach those for whom they are meant, especially for those residing in rural areas, the poor, women and children. Community Monitoring is also seen as an important aspect of promoting community led action in the field of health. CARDS is nominated as Functional Non Government Organization for Community Based Monitoring project under National Rural Health Mission (NHRM), a project of Government of India
To review the progress to ensure that the work is moving towards the decided purpose, and the purpose has not shifted, nor has the work got derailed in any way. Such a review can help to identify obstacles in the work, so that appropriate changes can be made to cross the obstacles.
  • Orientation of stakeholders & Strengthening of District /Block NGO’s
  • Strengthening of District/Block NGO’s
  • Mobilization of community
  • Formation & Strengthening of VHSC, PHC, Block, District Committees
  • Community Level Enquiry by conducting beneficiary interviews, provider interviews, exit interviews, focus group discussions and observations.
Under this project CARDS successfully increased the participation of PRI’s in the NRHM programme by providing training to village level committees, Gram Pradhans and related government officials. CARDS successfully demonstrated the community participation in planning and monitoring for village health level programme. With a goal to improve in the area, With the participation of community, Cards was succesfull in availing the health services provided by the NRHM programme for Kawardha district of the state and thereby covered 75 villages with 15 sub centre and 3 PHC (Primary Health Centre, improving the health status of those communities, in availing the, Efforts of CARDS grewin a widerprospect wherin we not only made the populationaware of health benefits, but also strengthened the implementation process of the NRHM programme in the area, thereby fulfilling its objectives.