CARDS - An Overview
CARDS as an organization was formally inducted on 5th of June 1996, on Environmental day, from then CARDS is committed to ‘To build a just and equitable society, where all sections of the society enjoy a secure present and future, with special focus on the improved quality of life, livelihood pattern and poverty reduction’. Seeing the efforts of CARDS many renowned organization have joined hands with us to social, economic and political mainstreaming of the marginalized, disempowered section; through awareness, knowledge sharing and generating sustainable employment opportunities, and the most prominent names among this is the name of NABARD, with this organization, we now believe have built a relationship which can be counted in family, the feeling of which makes us feel honored in any of the ways.

It began with a Tribal Development Project in Rajnandgaon district through livelihood development programmes including development of orchards; we were working with 500 tribal farmers on horticultre based livelihood genration programme, which also had several component of sanitation & health.Worth mentioning here is that, currently we are working with NABARD on wadi project at chhui khadan, khairagarh, also a project on medicinal aeromatics through Rural Innovation Fund is on progressive stage.
In extension with above, CARDS has also worked on community based monitoring of NRHM activities which increased its participation with the PRIs and in village communities.

CARDS was also selected field NGO for RCH – II programme of GOI under NRHM for Kanker District, It was also nominated as valued member of the Technical Support Group by the State Executive Committee under State Horticulture Development Society for execution of National Horticultural Mission (NHM) in the state of Chhattisgarh. The mission promotes various kinds of horticultural farm practices across Chhattisgarh. In this process CARDS is directly involved with 2000 farmers in eight blocks for overall agriculture based development and to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers by motivating the use of vermi compost and other traditional fertilizers.

CARDS has also worked on strengthening and livelihood skill training of 8 women SHGs in Rajnandgaon District with World Vision India, also with Venketeshwara Herbals on medicinal aromatics training of 110 farmers on MAPs, Organic farming & Vermi compost. CARDS is also working with organizations like UNICEF on Shishu Sanrakshan Maah since last year,with Textile ministry on bamboo mission, strengthening artisans on the same,and with GTZ and Raipur Municipal Corporation on environmental & sanitation policy of Raipur city.

Following is an overview of the above mentioned :
arrow_sbconsultancy Support Agency for Strengthening Vitamin A Supplementation & Deworming during Shishu Sanrakshan Maah and Second Opportunity Measles in Chhattisgarh with the support of UNICEF in 7 districts of C.G.
arrow_sbconsultancy Session Site Monitoring of Vitamin A and Albendezole supplementation during routine immunization under VHND session with the support of UNICEF in 7 districts of C.G.
arrow_sbconsultancy The Leprosy MISSION (TLM) - UKAID: CARDS has been selected as partner with TLM (The Leprosy Mission). The project’s goal is that people affected by leprosy are empowered to live in dignity and claim equal rights, leading to poverty reduction.
arrow_sbconsultancy Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI): CARDS has been selected as F-NGO. The project aims to provide effective services to plan and implement social mobilization and delivery of timely and appropriate preventive and curative services for malaria control and kala-azar elimination in identified endemic areas.
arrow_sbconsultancy MAMTA - AXSHYA Project : Supporting MAMTA for GFATM Round 9 “AXSHYA project in the district of Kawardha (C.G.).
arrow_sbconsultancy Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS): The aim of the study is carry out a needs assessment of persons with disability in Latur district, Vidharba region and Chhattisgarh with specific reference to health, educational, vocational and social life groups needs, across different types of disability and across gender, class and tribe/caste.
arrow_sbconsultancy With the support of Rural Technology Park (NIRD), a project Transfer of Technology is implementing in rural areas for the benefit of common people in 3 districts of C.G.
arrow_sbconsultancy Tribal Development Programme, popularly known as WADI project with support from NABARD, in two blocks of Rajnandgaon District, horticulture based programme, targeting 1000 beneficiaries.
arrow_sbconsultancy RIF’s project (conservation, upgradation) of medicinal plants in support with NABARD, in Rajnandgaon district.
arrow_sbconsultancy Skill Development Programme in support with NABARD, on bamboo craft, from capacity building to entrepreneurship, in Bilaspur district.
arrow_sbconsultancy Implementing Agency for Village Development Programme by NABARD in 6 villages of Rajnandgaon district.
arrow_sbconsultancy Community based monitoring of NRHM, Govt. of India programme for health sector, activities in 15 villages of Kawardha, in support with C.G. state level monitoring.
arrow_sbconsultancy Valued member of the technical support group by state executive committee under state horticulture development society, under National Horticulture Mission, in support with state horticulture department, 8 blocks of Bilaspur & Durg, direct involvement with 2000 farmers.
arrow_sbconsultancy Formation of Farm schools for strengthening of farming skills under ATMA (spot to state extension programme for extension reforms).
arrow_sbconsultancy Baseline survey of Tejaswani programme in Madhya Pradesh in support with AFC, in 6 districts, 3450 households covering each and every issue related to life skills.
arrow_sbconsultancy District Level Coordination Agency for strengthening of SSEG ( scheme for self employed graduates) in support with IRDA ( Innovative Research and Development Agency, New Delhi)
arrow_sbconsultancy Member of the City Task Force, under City Sanitation Project for Raipur, in support with GTZ (German Technical Cooperation organization), and Raipur Municipal Corporation.
arrow_sbconsultancy Implementing Agency for Baba Saheb Ambedkar Yojna (AHVY – Artisan Hastshilp Vikas Yojna) in Ambikapur for 100 artisans on bamboo craft with support from Ministry of Textile, New Delhi.
arrow_sbconsultancy Training programme on strengthening of livelihood skills for SHGs in Rajnandgaon district with support from World Vision India.
arrow_sbconsultancy Training programme on medicinal and aromatics crops, vermi compost, organic farming for 110 farmers in support with Venketeshwara Herbals.
arrow_sbconsultancy Implementing agency for RTI strengthening programme in the state with support from PAC (public affair center, Bangalore).
arrow_sbconsultancy Baseline Survey for Sampurna Swakshata Abhiyan (SSA): Conducted the base line survey for Mainpur block of Raipur Dist.
arrow_sbconsultancy Detailed Survey of Children in C.G. & collection of DISE Data in DCF from schools of C.G. as a partner of Maa Ambica Association (AAA) with guidance of MIT Pune (main partner of CG govt.).