Tuberculosis control
CARDS is Supporting MAMTA for GFATM Round 9 “AXSHYA project in the district of Kawardha (C.G.) prevention and cure of TB.
Goal : Decrease morbidity and mortality due to drug resistant TB (DR-TB) in India and improve access to quality TB care and control services through enhanced civil society participation.
Purpose : Providing universal access to DR-TB control services and to reduce TB related morbidity and mortality and accelerate progress towards achieving the Global Plan to Stop TB 2006-2015 targets and the relevant MDGs
  • Establish and enhance capacity for quality assured rapid diagnosis of DR-TB in 43 Culture and DST laboratories in India by 2015.
  • Scale-up care and management of DR-TB in 35 states/Union Territories of India resulting in the initiation of treatment of 55,350 additional cases of Drug Resistant TB (DR-TB) by 2015.
  • Improve the reach, visibility and effectiveness of RNTCP through civil society support in 374 districts across 23 states by 2015 .
  • Engage communities and community-based care providers in 374 districts across 23 states by 2015 to improve TB care and control, especially for marginalized and vulnerable populations including TB-HIV patients

  • Providing community based care.
  • Training health care workers.
  • Generating awareness, educating the community on prevention and treatment.
  • Playing a major role in advocacy and in mobilizing community support.
  • Supporting TB patients and their families through fostering positive attitudes and non discriminatory practices.
  • Involvement in planning, problem solving, monitoring and reviewing TB programme initiatives.
  • Conducting operations research.
  • Counselling for preventing default.