With the support of Rural Technology Park (NIRD), a project’ Transfer of Technology’ is being implemented in rural areas for the benefit of common people in 3 districts of C.G.
The Rural Technology Park lay emphasis on the introduction of appropriate technological inputs for improving the productivity and quality of farm and non-farm sectors, introduction of new livelihood options, skill enhancement and capacity building, better use of local resources with concurrent energy and eco-management, development of management and entrepreneurial skills, introduction of new and innovative technologies those have been developed by young and rural entrepreneurs etc. The establishment of “Rural Technology Park” would go a long way in creating concrete and tangible socio-economic benefits for the rural people through providing new technological solutions, training for capacity & skill development, and support for their implementation.
RTP aims to serve as a catalyst to accelerate wide dissemination of appropriate and affordable technologies to the rural poor for increasing productivity and enhancing quality of life, thereby enabling the community to move towards sustainable development, The Vision envisaged for rural development is clear. Its achievement is only possible by taking bold initiatives, supported by sound strategies and comprehensive and effective pro-active action plan.
With the support of Rural Technology Park (NIRD), CARDS has taken a project Transfer of Technology in which we transfer the technology in rural areas for the benefit of common people. The main idea behind technology transfer is to equip the underprivileged sections of the society by empowering them with skills that can be applied for livelihood generation. Empowering the backward classes and masses with livelihood skills assures steady growth and development that is so essential. This strategy was expected to help in poverty alleviation by impart skills to the unskilled and uneducated poor and giving them an opportunity for productive employment and to contribute to and participate in economic growth.