RCH – II programme of GOI under NRHM
CARDS is selected as the field NGO for Reproductive and Child Health Programme RCH – II of Government Of India under NRHM in the tribal and backward area of Kanker District, Charama Block. CARDS boosted the health facilities in the 6 tribal villages of the area, efforts ensured that the facilities reach the most deprived section, As the awareness level in community increased, the Anti Natal & Neo Natal care improved drastically Alsothe overall service delivery system improved remarkably. A focused effort of the team has now brought new hopes for the beneficiaries.
  • Reduction in child and maternal mortality.
  • Universal access to public services for food and nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, and universal access to public health care services with emphasis on services addressing women’s and children’s health and universal immunisation.
  • Prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases, including locally endemic diseases.
  • Access to integrated comprehensive primary health care.
  • Population stabilisation, gender and demographic balance.
  • Revitalisation of local health traditions and mainstream AYUSH.
  • Promotion of healthy life styles

  • Capacity building of stake holders and the community
  • Behavioral Change and communication
  • Improving Service delivery pattern
  • Networking & Linkages of stake holders
  • Convergence of related schemes and agencies
  • Advocacy with public servants, district / block health departments
  • Tracking of target group for ascertaining the status time to time