The purpose of the project is to develop seed production village and gradually transform the same into a Seed Business Ventures with development of production and certification skills. Agriculture is the prime occupation of majorities in Chhattisgarh. In rural and semi-urban area 90% of population do agriculture for their means of livelihood. Most of the seeds produced by the non-technical farmers do not give that much of quality; hence the selected farmers are given training to produce quality seeds for complete market purpose towards developing seed village so as to increase the economic status of the small farmers.
  • To create awareness on the importance of seed and varietal replacement.
  • To sensitize and encourage the farmers to adopt localized seed production through seed village approach.
  • To train and build capacity of the farmers on all aspects of seed production processing and storage .
  • To develop a pool of Master Farmers who in turn will train other farmers in seed production process.
  • To demonstrate the benefits and viability of commercial seed production and encourage participation of more farmers and villages in seed production process.