The Leprosy MISSION (TLM) with UKAID
CCARDS have been selected as partner with TLM (The Leprosy Mission). The project’s goal is to empower the people affected by leprosy to live in dignity and claim equal rights, leading to poverty reduction. CARDS has entered an agreement with trust and has challenged the situation prevailing in the state, CARDS has been given opportunity for programme advocacy for anti leprosy in two districts (Raipur, Mahasamund) of the state.
To establish and build the capacity of national and state level advocacy groups and networks of persons affected with leprosy. They will be made aware of their rights to equal opportunities, e.g. access to health, education and political representation, as well as equal treatment from employers and institutions. Skills development training will enable them to document cases of discrimination, demand equal rights and to be treated with dignity by the government, service providers and the local community. It will build the skills of groups of people affected by leprosy to organise, negotiate, advocate and utilise existing platforms and mechanisms like RTI, legal cells, engagement with Parliamentary committees and the media, enabling people affected by leprosy to influence decision-making. The project will also raise awareness of service providers, government staff and community leaders so they are aware of their responsibilities.
  • Strengthen and build capacity of those affected by leprosy, creating Champions within them to advocate for change
  • Engage with key players to initiate institutional reform
  • Build coalition / partnerships with like-minded people and organizations

The Main Activities
  • Training of trainers (staff of associate and local NGOs) at state/district level on leprosy, stigma reduction, anti-leprosy legislation and advocacy
  • Capacity building of persons affected by leprosy to demand their rights, and grassroots level workers to tackle issues of stigma associated with leprosy in the community
  • Cascading training to SHGs and SHG federations through grassroots level advocacy activities (e.g. street plays, rallies, sensitisation programmes, etc.)
  • Orientation of officers and staff of education and health care establishments about leprosy and discrimination to remove their misconceptions
  • Sensitisation of PRIs, legislators, parliamentarians, legal bodies and political parties on statutes and cases of discrimination
  • Sensitization of religious leaders about leprosy, stigma and discrimination
  • Identification, documentation and dissemination of cases of discrimination against people affected by leprosy
  • Formation of advocacy groups/networks of people affected by leprosy
  • Lobbying law enforcement agencies, and the ministries of Health, Education, Social Justice and Empowerment on policy and practice change
  • Sensitisation of private sector employers and business associations about leprosy
  • Sensitisation and building coalitions with the media to write articles and feature programmes on radio and TV to raise awareness of leprosy human rights issues
  • Producing a documentary on leprosy human rights issues
  • Development and production of IEC material (radio, TV, Print media)
  • Identifying and using celebrities and ‘lokdoot’ (champions affected by leprosy) to bridge the gap between people affected by leprosy and their communities
  • Orientation for ILEP/ILU partners, associate NGOs and TLM staff on leprosy related human rights and child protection
  • Developing an e-list and blog to share experiences/learning
  • Publishing stories in UK publications and TLM’s website to raise awareness of anti-leprosy legislation and leprosy related human rights abuses.
  • Linking with media and development students at universities and supporting them to run an advocacy campaign to raise awareness leprosy-related human rights abuses