Future Plans: Linkage of Traditional Knowledge with Climate Change
India agriculture is completely depend on monsoon and due to the changing face of climatic condition due to different internal and external factors the largest employment giving sector is under pressure which is leading to large scale migration and other social deviants. CARDS as organization is looking forward to club both available traditional knowledge and present scientific predictions to prepare a full proof knowledge center which can predict for coming agriculture season.

Future Plans: Alternative Energy
CARDS is looking in great potential in gasify based energy source at village level, which will not only increase the energy sustainability of the community but also add food for their livestock because of supporting plantation for gasified project. This kind of project will produce green energy at very low cost in all weather throughout the year. Solar Energy/Bio gas plants are other concept on which as an organization CARDS is looking very seriously. By Solar Energy CARDS is planning to target population for the use of solar energy to use as a module to cut the electricity bill which will indirectly lead to power saving.

Future Plans: NGO-Corporate partnership
CARDS is looking forward to build a strong NGO-Corporate in the field of education, health & environment. CARDS will provide different social platform by identifying communities and resources (like schools, PHCs, Village Knowledge Centers, etc.) to be upgraded. CARDS will provide technical and consultancy support in the binging and then completely handover the project to corporate partners.

Future Plans: Daily Carbon footprint
CARDS will calculate daily carbon footprint of different organizations like govt. offices, schools, hospitals, business complex and industrial complex and will try lysine with the organizations to reduce the daily power consumption