Village - Bhotali, Block – Chhuilkhaddan, District – Rajnandgaon.
We had started the skill development programme in two districts of Chhattisgarh at Block- Chhuikhadan, District Rajnandgaon & Block- Pendra, District Bilaspur in year 2009. In these Skill Development Programme the funding agency Nabard had supported a lot in making this SDP programme a successful one. The participation of DDM Nabard Rajnandgaon and other officials from forest department made a successful completion of SDP training programme in Village - Bhotali, Block – Chhuilkhaddan, District – Rajnandgaon. After completion of a successful training programmes in both these villages it was decided that as there is mela on the occasion of Navratri in the month of October every year at Dongargarh a very holy place of Chhattisgarh state as this area is not so far from the field area so with the help of this the Artisans could get the proper market to sale their bamboo products so further training to artisans has been extended for the coming three to four months and with the help of this, products of artisans will be properly distributed or marketed so that they can earn a decent earning.
The forest department officials and the Nabard officials has given full support and assistance for this programme and Bamboo is available very plenty in this area and in villages small baskets basically in local language (Tokri) are very common which they are using in their daily activities but a major problem is as there is not much awareness among people so there is no Haat Bazar in this area so cards in this area is also helping to open different outlets of Bamboo Craft products and also to establish a Bamboo processing unit in Khairagarh and Chhuikhaddan so that the quality bamboo products can be produced and available in the market. So we are also looking for a bright future of these bamboo artisans.